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What is Pix4Rides?

P4R is a crowd-sourced cycling and running photo marketplace online. Photographers upload pictues taken from races, and athletes buy them. Pix4Rides earns a commission.

Our mission is to deliver affordable & high-quality sports photos to athletes while supporting local freelance photographers.


For Athletes

How can I find photos of myself?

There are a few ways to find your photos:

  1. The photographer may tag you based on your race/bib number. First try searching for your number in the search bar.
  2. You should also browse from the top menu of the site to the event you were in and look through the gallery.


I see someone I know in the gallery. How can I tag them?

Go to the photo of your friend, and share that photo to Facebook, on that person's wall. They will then see their picture.


Will the watermark that says "Pix4Rides" on my image be removed after I buy it?

Yes. It will be removed.


What resolution will the pictures that I buy be?

This depends on what resolution the photographer shot your images in. You can see the resolution by clicking on the picture.


Can I just save pictures of me to my computer?

Sure, but that would make you really cheap. Wink Also, the Pix4Rides watermark will still be there.

Support your local race photographer!


For Photographers 

Can anybody upload pictures or video?

Yes, anybody can create an account and upload race pictures or video.



When I upload photos do I have to add them to a race?

Yes, there are two ways:

  1. Add them to an existing race that has already been created
  2. Create a new race yourself, if it does not exist yet



How do I create a new race?

  1. Log in
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Click on "Upload Files" on the left side of the screen on your profile page
  4. Click on "Create Race"
  5. Fill in the details of the race 



I have just uploade pictures but they are not on the site. Why not?

They have to be approved first. We need to make sure they are appropriate and that they are categorised under the correct year, country, race, etc.



How much commission does P4R take?

 We split it 50-50, but P4R pays the PayPal fees and out-sourced bib tagging fees (if applicable).



When will I get paid?

We send out payments at the end of every month. Just ensure your PayPal account is activated in your control panel.


How do I market my images to the riders?

There are a number of ways. Here are just a few:

  1. Tag your photos with the athletes' bib numbers
  2. Share your photos to the athletes' Facebook pages, if you know who they are (theis can be done from each photo page)
  3. Post your images to your own Facebook wall (same as the point above - can be done from each photo page)